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Using Your Breath To Get Through The Holiday Feels

The breathing technique used in many forms of Pilates (a low impact form of exercise focused on alignment, control, and posture) called lateral thoracic breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing, helps oxygenate the blood, increase circulation, and helps the lungs eliminate stale air. This breathing technique can also provide stress relief and reduce anxiety.

Let's talk about HOW to breathe...

Remember - you take your breath with you everywhere. As simple as this may seem, using this technique to calm down or navigate a challenging feeling can be truly transformative.


Lisa Schoenholt, CMA is the owner of Brooklyn Embodied Pilates and founder of the Control D Method for diastasis recti repair. She brings her dance and movement analysis background to her Pilates teaching, and specializes in pre/postnatal, diastasis repair, C-section recovery, and injury prevention.

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