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Psychological, Neuropsychological, Developmental, & Psychoeducational Testing

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We offer psychological, neuropsychological, and psycho-educational evaluations to children and adults. Evaluations can be helpful when there is lack of clarity or understanding regarding the reasons and causes of emotional, psychological, developmental, learning, attentional, executive functioning, or behavioral challenges.

Testing helps better understand an individual's cognitive and academic functioning, as well as areas of strength and weakness. It can assist with identification of learning problems that may be impacting an individual's ability to be successful in school or at work. Testing can also help to identify the particular learning style of a child, and determine the presence of a learning disability, cognitive difficulty, attention deficit (ADHD), and/or executive functioning problems (e.g. planning, organization, problem solving, etc.) which impede the learning process.
Evaluations also assists in formulating a mental health treatment plan and/or educational intervention strategy, and educates the school and family about a child's needs. Comprehensive assessments may be used to receive special accommodations on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, LSAT, and GMAT and/or may serve as an independent educational evaluation (see NYS Part 200 Regulations) to receive special education services in school.

Together, we can identify strengths and areas for growth in order to develop recommendations and a plan that fits your needs.

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We offer child, adolescent, and adult educational, neuropsychological, and psychological assessments for various referral questions to address academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges. 



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