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Individual Therapy for Children & Teens

Children and teenagers often begin therapy after struggling with overwhelming feelings, having a difficult experience, or displaying challenging behaviors at home or school.
Children and teens can find it challenging to recognize emotions and regulate behavior, leading to a disconnect between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This often manifests in children and teens through anxietydepression, poor self-esteem, anger, poor academic performance, social withdrawal, avoidance, and acting out.
Other challenges faced by children include problems concentrating, focusing, and socializing.

Stress and high expectations are also important to consider, as they are incredibly impactful on well-being. Add in stressful life situations, COVID-19, "regular" school and home can sometimes just feel like too much. 


Therapy can help children develop skills that allow them to control their behavior, develop self-confidence, process challenges, and manage strong emotions.


Did You Know


A combination of hormones, brain chemistry, inherited traits, and experiences come together to increase our risk for developing depression and other big emotional challenges.

Did You Know


Nearly one in three adolescents will meet criteria for an anxiety disorder 

Families Matter

Family involvement is very important to the treatment process. It may consist of working with parents to oversee their child's treatment or more in-depth involvement in the form of family therapy, parenting consultation, behavior management skills, or other family based interventions. We take a team-based approach and collaborate to support you and your family in conjunction with pediatricians, teachers, and other important figures in your child’s life.



Reaching out takes courage.

We are here to help when you need us.

Pinky promise.

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