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Individual Therapy

for Adults

Do you feel overwhelmed? Having difficulty with change? Struggling to make decisions? Sad? Constantly worried? Trouble sleeping? Avoiding people or things you used to enjoy? 
Adulthood brings overwhelming feelings and big decisions. It may be time to explore the root causes of your stress and develop your support network.
People often seek support professional assistance following large life changes such as the birth of a new child, a death in the family, start or the end to a relationship, a new job, a move, or as the result of the slow building of stress, sadness, hurt, anxiety, or disconnect. 

How Can We Help?

Therapy can help you explore and improve your emotional, behavioral, and relationship functioning by helping to identify ways to handle feelings and improve relationships with others. Therapy can help you increase awareness of patterns that you may engage in (though often not purposefully) that lead to distress. In addition, treatment may focus on improving coping skills in order to develop a life that feels full and worth living. 



Reaching out takes courage.

We are here to help when you need us.

Pinky promise.

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