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Group Therapy Offerings

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DBT Skills Group for (Young) Adults

Fridays @ 12:30pm (Virtual)

Interested in learning coping skills and managing your emotions? Acquire practical, easy, and evidence-based tools to help feel your best!

Many young adults struggle with identifying and coping effectively with their emotions. This group teaches skills to regulate emotions, tolerate big feelings, and engage skillfully in interpersonal setting with an emphasis on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) emotion regulation skills. 

Are you eligible?

- 17+

- Residing in New York State

- Desire to learn effective ways to manage emotions

Group Info

- Ongoing

- 75 minutes sessions/1x week

- Weekly attendance is expected

- In intake session with the group leaders is required prior to the start of group

- Group cost $125/week.


Groups are facilitated by DBT skills trainer Laura Greene, LMSW.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

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Body Image Group

Tuesdays @ 5:45pm (Virtual)

Join psychotherapist Talia Shiovitz, LMSW, for a body image group for adults focused on developing positive self talk, combatting body focused distortions, and learning to accept your body as it is.

Groups cost $75/weekly session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

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Ready, Set, School - A Social Emotional School Readiness Group

Fridays @ 3:30pm (Pleasantville Office)

Join child focused play therapist Caroline Kovatch, MHC-LP for a 6-week school readiness group to support the social-emotional development of children 4-6 years old. Children will learn and practice social skills with new friends, sharing and turn taking, tolerating big emotions in social settings, labeling and expressing thoughts and feelings, and gain readiness for group settings in school and at activities.​​

Groups cost $600/6-week session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited!

Newborn Baby

Postpartum Support Group

Tuesdays @ 11:30am

The Postpartum Group is a facilitated therapy group and informational resource for parents of newborns and infants. Whether you are an expectant mama, a first time mama, or a mom of two or more children who is struggling with the postpartum period, these groups are for you.

Groups provide support around managing the myriad challenges of new motherhood, with an emphasis of managing anxiety symptoms, including racing thoughts, insomnia, difficulties  trusting your partner or family with your child, intense emotions towards partners/family, worries about the safety of your child, and more.

Other postpartum topics and struggles may include the emotional and physical toll of motherhood, difficulties with boundary setting and self-care, feelings of disconnect with partners, and "mom guilt" around meeting the overwhelming demands of your tiny human.

Groups a facilitated by perinatal psychologist Dr. Rachel Lemonik.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

Best Friends

Art and Mindfulness for Parents

Fridays, 10am

Join Melinda Ferraraccio, LCAT-lp for a 4-week art and mindfulness group aimed at helping you create space for yourself. Use art making as a tool for stress release while also learning yoga sequences that enhance mindfulness and coping. 

Groups cost $300 per 4-week session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

DBT Group
Body Image
Kindrgarte Readiness Group


Reaching out takes courage.

We are here to help when you need us.

Pinky promise.

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