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Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive arts therapy is a multi disciplinary support approach that focuses on the human desire to shape our world—through music, theater, poetry, dance, or other artistic modality—as a therapeutic tool to help initiate change. It's not just about talking – it's about using different art forms to dive into your thoughts and feelings.


Picture it as a creative adventure for your emotions!

During sessions, you will be invited to use multiple senses to explore your inner and outer world through the experience of art making. You will be encouraged to communicate your feelings about the process and the accomplishment of creating art. Basically, expressive arts therapy is like turning your feelings into a masterpiece, using colors, shapes, and movements as your language.

Sometimes, words can't capture everything. That's where expressive arts come in handy. If you're feeling too shy, angry, or just not in the mood for words, you can let your creation do the talking.


Together, we will use this creative process to harvest your strengths and identify how you approach challenges. The therapeutic work is based on the process of creating, not on the final result. It is not necessary to have a background or training in the arts to benefit from an expressive arts session.


Throughout the process, you will learn to use the nonverbal language of creativity to communicate your inner feelings. How cool is that!

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Reaching out takes courage.

We are here to help when you need us.

Pinky promise.

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