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Pleasant Activities To Do At Home

1. Take YouTube drawing class

2. Do something nostalgic (e.g. eat a childhood treat, listen to music from a certain time in my life)

3. Stretch muscles

4. Write/Send a handwritten letter to friend

5. Scheduling a video call with friends

6. Have virtual drinks or tea

7. Draw in an adult coloring book

8. Learn a musical instrument

9. Light scented candles, oils or incense

10. Make a vision board

11. Try a new recipe

12. Give self a massage

13. Bake Cookies

14. Do a jigsaw puzzle

15. Re-watch a favorite movie

16. Collage

17. Soak in the bathtub

18. Make a new Pinterest Board

19. Use Mindfulness App like Headspace or Calm

20. Begin to learn a new language

21. Write down a list of things I am grateful for

22. Cook meals to freeze for later

23. Download a new book

24. Talk to an older relative and ask them questions about their life

25. Download Magazine from NYPL

26. Do Sudoku

27. Do a yoga class on YouTube

28. Taking care of plants

29. Write a poem or song

30. Plan a surprise for someone else

31. Search Pinterest for a DIY project

32. Learn Calligraphy

33. Make a family tree

34. Do 5 minutes of calm deep breathing

35. Sing in the Shower


Talia Shiovitz, LMSW is a licensed social worker who provides therapy for teens and adults in Manhattan, Pleasantville, and virtually in New York State. She works with people who are seeking support for depression, anxiety, college adjustment, life transitions, sexuality/identity, stress management, relationship difficulties, and trauma.

Learn more about Talia at

(914) 488-4717


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