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Is Sleep Your Number One Postpartum Challenge?

If the persistent lack of sleep is degrading your postpartum experience, you are not alone!

Almost all parents find the lack of restful and/or consistent sleep to be the most challenging and, often, the most surprising part of family life once the baby arrives.

Lack of consistent sleep can negatively impact your mental health - taking turns with a partner or support person in order to try to get 5 hour sleep blocks is very important!

If you want help navigating this demanding period, please contact us so we can help you problem solve!


Katherine Whiteside, CPD:CBI is a certified postpartum doula who provides one on one support to new parents, infant sleep teaching support, and extended family support. She also developed and directs the New Parents Support Group program.

Learn more about Katherine at

(914) 488-4343

Rachel Lemonik, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in perinatal mental health and provides therapy for adolescents, adults, and new parents.

Learn more about Dr. Lemonik at

(914) 488-4343


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