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What is Diastasis Recti?

Have you wondered if you have diastasis recti? Are you having low back or abdominal pain? Have you returned to working out but they aren’t feeling quite right?”

Diastasis Recti is the separation of the right and left halves of the abdominal wall. These halves meet together at the midline (the linea alba) which is made up of mostly connective tissue. As a baby grows during pregnancy, the tissue stretches out, the rectus abdominals move further apart, sometimes separating. Each layer of the abdominal muscles (there are four) are covered in fascial sheaths which all connect together at the midline. This condition sometimes presents as ‘doming’ or ‘pooching,’ but it can also present without a bulge, where the skin sinks into the gap. Even though we tend to think of this as a postpartum issue, it can also happen in men and babies/children. Clients with diastasis recti sometimes also suffer from low back pain, overly tight hips/gluteal muscles, and a weak pelvic floor.

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Lisa Schoenholt, CMA is the owner of Brooklyn Embodied Pilates and founder of the Control D Method for diastasis recti repair. She brings her dance and movement analysis background to her Pilates teaching, and specializes in pre/postnatal, diastasis repair, C-section recovery, and injury prevention.

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