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Using Instagram for Body Acceptance

As I'm sure you are not surprised, I work on body acceptance with almost every single client I have -- no matter the size. Much of the work I do with clients is focused on encouraging them to view themselves as more than a body, accepting their body as it is, AND finding parts of themselves that they find beautiful. An obstacle I often run into is the fear of weight gain created by false core beliefs about what bigger bodies deserve or how loved they would be. As with any core belief, we need to challenge it with evidence.

I am writing this article to showcase evidence that fat bodies are beautiful bodies.

Society, and therefore most of us, has such a strict, narrow view of what beauty and "hotness" looks like. Well, I am here to help you broaden it.

Studies show a strong relationship between the time we spend on social media and body dissatisfaction and disordered eating (1). Social media is hard to cut out of our lives (though people who do so report mental health improvements). If we want to keep social media in our lives, the next step is to curate your instagram feed to showcase the beauty of all bodies. Take a look at my list of beautiful instagram influences with bigger bodies and comment on this post if you have any accounts you recommend following! Ultimately, we are all in this together.


Talia Shiovitz, LMSW is a licensed social worker who provides therapy for teens and adults in Manhattan, Pleasantville, and virtually in New York State. She works with people who are seeking support for depression, anxiety, college adjustment, life transitions, sexuality/identity, stress management, relationship difficulties, and trauma.

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