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Postpartum Anxiety: An Evolutionary Response that Can Derail Happiness

When your baby came home from the hospital, that tiny person kick-started a huge parental learning curve.

Often the stress of navigating 24/7 care for a helpless infant, all while operating on sleepless nights and when managing pre-existing challenges can result in devastating postpartum anxiety (PPA). Symptoms of PPA include worrying too much, panic attacks, irritability, intrusive thoughts/worries, and obsessions relating to something bad happening to you or your baby. 1 in 10 women experiences postpartum anxiety, and it can begin during pregnancy.​

Recognizing PPA thoughts and feelings can be very challenging and can be hard, since the line between "typical" postpartum feelings and PPA is blurry. Getting help from a professional can make a huge difference to your postpartum experience and your general wellbeing.


Katherine Whiteside, CPD:CBI is a certified postpartum doula who provides one on one support to new parents, infant sleep teaching support, and extended family support. She also developed and directs the New Parents Support Group program.

Learn more about Katherine at

(914) 488-4343

Rachel Lemonik, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in perinatal mental health and provides therapy for adolescents, adults, and new parents.

Learn more about Dr. Lemonik at

(914) 488-4343


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