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How to Beat the Quarantine Grumpies

You know, as we continue sheltering in place and trying to stay safe, the end feels further and further. This is creating a lot of big feelings, including the Grumpies.

No, this is not a DSM 5 term.

However relaxing our time at home "should" be, here are also many intense, hectic moments full of anxiety, frustration, fear, and uncertainty.

Notice Your Mindset:

  • Are you getting stuck in the "shoulds" ("I should be feeling happy," "I should be productive," etc.)

  • Are you focusing on the hard parts fo your day or situation?

  • Do you spend a great deal of time feeling down or angry?

Then what?

Shifting mindset is hard. And you CAN do it. Reframing your experience is a big deal and the first step is observing where you are, how you are feeling in the moment, and then making conscious decision to give yourself a pass. Distract yourself. Reach out to friends or family.

Remember, we are in this together.


Dr. Rachel Lemonik is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who provides psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in Pleasantville and surrounding towns in Westchester County, as well as virtually in New York State. She specializes in working with people experiencing big feelings and challenging life events.

Learn more about Dr. Lemonik at

(914) 488-4343


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