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Group Therapy Offerings

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Anxiety/Depression

Thursdays, 2pm

Are you having a difficult time managing your emotions, maintaining relationships, or identifying your goals in life?

Groups focus on building resiliency in order to improve mood and overall well being. DBT skills aim to improve emotional awareness and self regulation, impulse control, communication, and conflict resolution. This group teaches healthy coping strategies while maintaining a safe and compassionate atmosphere. This group is facilitated by clinical psychologist Dr. Caitlin Stell.

Dialectical behavior therapy is a specialized form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) developed to help people to manage their emotions, tolerate distress, interact more effectively with others, and build a life worth living.


DBT skills group aims to help participants regulate their emotions, improve impulse control, develop coping skills necessary to solving their own problems and achieve desired goals, and navigate relationship conflicts. Group members learn CBT and mindfulness skills to better identify and manage emotions, including anxiety and depression. Participants practice applying those skills to their daily lives in order to better tolerate life events and improve the ability to interact effectively with others. 

Four skills training modules are taught: Core mindfulness skills- to control the attention and to experience the present moment more fully. Distress tolerance skills - to tolerate painful and/or stressful events and emotions without making the current situation worse. Emotion regulation skills - to identify and modulate emotions without getting overwhelmed by them. Interpersonal effectiveness skills - to express beliefs and needs, set limits and negotiate solutions to problems while protecting relationships.

For more information, please contact to register. Space is limited. 

Best Friends

Standing In Your Power

Thursdays, 11:30am

Find your voice, set boundaries, self advocate, and improve self-compassion with clinical psychologist Dr. Caitlin Stell, Psy.D.

This is a 6-week group for women who feel are ready for a change. Groups provide support around friendships, nourishing your interests and hobbies, diversifying where you spend your attention and energy, and connecting with your inner strengths. Boundary setting and having more fulfilling and meaningful relationships will be explored. Learning how to identify and meet your needs will be discussed.

Groups cost $75 per session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

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Anxiety Support Group

Mondays, 6pm

Anxiety can touch every aspect of our lives - work, academics, family, and social relationships. Our first impulse is to hide our anxiety, to not burden our friends, and just get through our lives. But almost 20% of people in the US struggle with anxiety. There is no reason to feel alone with our worries. With support, we can learn ways to cope and improve our lives.


The Anxiety Support Group is a 4-week support group facilitated by psychotherapist Hayley Maisel, LP-MHC and informational resource for adults who experience anxiety. Groups provide support around managing the challenges of living with anxiety with an emphasis on managing anxiety symptoms, including racing thoughts, insomnia, difficulties reaching out to others, setting boundaries, improving self-care, and more.


Groups cost $250 per 4-week session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

Friends at the Beach

Body Image Group

Tuesdays, 5pm

Join psychotherapist Talia Shiovitz, LMSW, for a 4-session body image group focused on developing positive self talk, combatting body focused distortions, and learning to accept your body as it is.

Groups cost $250 per 4-week session. Insurance reimbursement may be available.

Contact to register. Space is limited.

DBT Skills Goup
Body Image


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We are here to help when you need us.

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